healing testimonials

‘Jen is a beacon of light. From the moment she begins her light work you will feel completely comfortable and be at ease. Whether it be reiki or dream work, you will see that Jen is truly gifted, and will be able to help with your energy healing from the first session. I am grateful to know such a powerful healer with such a soft heart.’ -CP

‘Jen kindly observes then gracefully offers spacious light and gentle energy, through which you feel empowered to honor your truth.’ -JS

‘It’s been less than a week since I met with Jen for my first healing session; it’s as if I’ve done a complete 180! I’m back on track in so many ways– my eating, sleeping, bathroom habits and my over-all daily routine have shifted back into alignment completely. What I hadn’t realized before meeting with Jen, is exactly how capable my body is of healing itself! It simply needed a little extra love.’ -AW

‘Jen has a gift of light. Experiencing her healing connection helped me open up to my own energy within and process accordingly.’ -JD

‘Jen is the real deal. Deep down to her core you can tell she’s into the art of healing purely for the good of people. She’s genuine, creative, and every time we meet up I’m able to explore a whole new side of myself. She sees me without judgment. I always feel safe and welcome during our sessions, and it’s because she’s so dedicated to her craft.’ -AW

‘Jen’s peaceful energy and deep-rooted connection to Earth and the human heart are profound. She has tapped into herself, so she’s able to guide you closer to yourself. Sessions with her have always left me feeling like I uncovered more layers and opened myself up to the Great Mystery even more.’ -KK

‘Jen has worked on me a few times now for sports injury, stress and IBS. Her power of touch is an incredible healing source. I reach the deepest level of relaxation during her treatments which allows my body to heal fuller than many other modalities. I am incredibly grateful to have her as a part of my healing process. Thanks Jen!’ -JC

‘Jen not only puts you at ease the moment you meet her. She leaves you with this feeling of utter and total peace. Her energy radiates Love and it couldn’t be more obvious: her touch is truly one of a healer.’ -JR

‘Jen’s capacity to work with the energetics of the body is beyond words. The benefits I received from my sessions with Jen are diverse, numerous and have overflowed into all areas of my life. Thank you Jen for your white bright light!’ -JC