hiking testimonials

‘I was guided by Jen Carpenter on an eight mile journey on the Pacific Crest Trail up to the majestic Morena Butte. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Words fail to describe the pleasure that surged through my body as we reached the summit. As if this day couldn’t get any better, with the sun falling behind the peak we just climbed, we then celebrated the end of the day with an enriching yoga practice graced by reiki healing. Thank you for this treasure that I will remember forever.’ -JC

‘If you haven’t taken a wilderness yoga hike with Jen yet, you absolutely must. To have the opportunity to connect with nature, with a community of like-minded individuals and, most importantly, with yourself in a peaceful environment surrounded by pure tranquility and wondrous beauty is an experience not to be missed. Thank you Jen for following your heart, leading these amazing experiences, and shining your light so that others may see.’ -AI

‘Walk Wildly with Jen Carpenter was one of the most beautiful and spiritual experiences of my life so far. I am deeply grateful for the particular group with whom I shared a glimpse of my existence.’ -CL

‘When I first signed up for Jen Carpenter’s hike I didn’t know what to expect. My experience with the wilderness yoga hike opened my heart and perspective on how powerful nature is. Jen guided a beautiful yoga practice in a quiet area, in the woods. It was such a rejuvenating experience to be in the wilderness. If you are looking for an epic experience with wonderful people, sign up.’ -JG

‘Jen’s hiking adventures are well-balanced and deeply nourishing. She is a gracious guide, extending just the right amount of control and freedom over the event. She creates a container in which you can re-engage with your true Self among the company of likeminded souls. Simply put, it’s magic!’ -JS

‘I’m fortunate to have gone on several of Jen’s yoga hikes in the Lagunas. I found the events to be a fun way to connect with nature, with friends and fellow yogis. For me, it’s a time to be amidst the trees and check in with myself. if you haven’t taken a hike yet, sign up! Be prepared to be inspired by the journey and most of all by Jen, a beautiful and caring spirit.’ -CC