yoga testimonials

‘If you want deep, healing, soulful yoga that will make you smile, don’t miss class with Jen. Her unique combination of skillful asana and powerful connection with both earth and spirit always leaves me feeling energized and loved.’ -AT

‘Jen is sweet, kind, delicate and fierce. Her imagination runs wild, and she creates a very unique and supportive space as a teacher. I want to learn to tell stories with just as much imagination, creativity and enthusiasm as the lovely Jen Carpenter.’ -FL

‘Jen holds such graceful space for her students. Every class is its own gem and her adjustments are heavenly. Jen inspires me to be a better student and teacher. She rocks!’ -PM

‘Where to start? Joyful, loving, beautiful and amazing. It’s so hard to describe a Jen class, every one is different, every one is special. She’s phenomenal and I miss her.’ -LM

Jen always delivers a special insight I carry with me throughout the day.’ -HW

‘Jen brings a gentle calmness to her class while teaching strength and breath.’ -KK

‘Jen has a very uplifting and graceful spirit, which flows into her classes.’ -CE

Uplifting and heartening – gives me strength and belief in my ability to practice yoga. When you need support she’s there and when you’ve got it she knows and she lets you fly.‘ -VH


Every class with Jen is a poetic journey through the unfolding melodies of your own soul and breath.’ -MF