close to home

because I’m so drawn to the mountains and desert east of here, sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that a wonderful wilderness lies just a single block from my home: the pacific ocean! yesterday I embarked– with two sweet ocean aficionados, as pulled by the water as I am by dry earth, thin air– on a completely different kind of hike: along the sandstone cliffs that line the coast from my neighborhood all the way down the peninsula.

photo (7)

while I have spent plenty of time at the cliffs, in the coves and small beaches speckled along the shore here in the nearly four years that I’ve lived here, this was my first time really exploring the magic of the low tide–

photo (1)

time had carved caves into the edifice of sand turned stone– caves full of lichen & anemone– everything suddenly violet–

photo (5)

photo (2)

the water of the tidepools was cool, the fresh tang of salt wholly healing– the play of light & color hard to believe, even with my own two eyes–

photo (6)

and so much wildlife, here, just a stone’s throw from my own abode! more flora & fauna than we could ever try to name, or know– all teeming, luminous, violet, soft bursts of lifeworld erupting in a matrix of stone, water, light–

photo (4)

after hours of wonder, here, time to return– the rising tide a joy immersing us to the depth of shoulder, sternum, heart–

photo (3)

with salty skin & sea-strewn hair, back up the cliffs, through the wild flowering of the chrysanthemum fields, through the mad thicket of trees that grow where the ocean meets the earth, in complete awe of this vast wildness so close to home, this exhilarating new terrain right in my own backyard.


3 thoughts on “close to home

  1. onetwistedpoet says:

    Your shots and words show how we should drink in the beauty that abounds around us. I hope you can explore it more. The ocean leaves new surprises with the tide each day.

  2. bluebrightly says:

    Wonderful! Nicely written and photographed. I understand being drawn to the desert, but you’re right, there’s something amazing very close by, if you just take a look. (And thank you very much for the follow!)

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