o! the joy









sometimes a day in the wild blows you away so profoundly that there are no words to describe its power. and yet the urge to share is here! this peak is a playgound for wild hearts of all ages, and I’m so smitten with it I’ve climbed it twice in one week (and may go again the day after tomorrow!). both times, we were the only humans on the whole mountain for the entire length of the adventure– these, too, just words.

but I think the photos speak for themselves– like the silence of stone, and the quiet joy of the growing light of spring.


6 thoughts on “o! the joy

  1. ourwildhearts says:

    thank you for saying so! the poetry is alive in the wild– it always inspires me to document it.

  2. stacia says:

    your posts and pictures here communicate your love of the places you find yourself so clearly and beautifully! makes me really want to visit socal… or just spend more time on the trails up here and discover my own love of the places i find myself. 🙂

  3. ourwildhearts says:

    thanks stacia! you are a huge inspiration to me. come visit SoCal and ill come see you in the bay ❤

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