love is in the earth

belly full of tamales, heart full of awe and love after a weekend of adventure, peak, and play in the canyons of baja with the sweetest heart I know.


since j– one of my favorite humans on this planet, let alone san diego– is leaving california for the east coast in a little over a month, we felt called to set aside a weekend for the two of us to enjoy some wild sister time in a place we’d both never been. our adventure took us to cañon de guadalupe, an oasis of lush magic nestled into a palatial canyon two hours south of tecate in the massive, open space of the baja desert.


deep in the canyon, the presence of this peak– whom we named mama lupe– rose above the granite & quartz walls speckled with cholla and ocotillo, nourishing the verdant lifeworld below her with seven ice-cold waterfalls, and warming our bones with our own personal hot spring. our camp was aptly called ‘la rana’– our first night we were greeted by a tiny frog hopping along the sandy trail, then by the enormous song of her and all of her kin ringing like spring itself down the mouth of the canyon, echoing like bells & chimes against the walls to bring in the gentle night.


after a day of barefoot freeclimbing up the sides of the canyon, splashing in the waterfalls, taking the sun into our skin like lizards on the soft warmth of boulders, and soaking in the thick wet heat of mud baths (more cleansing than you’d believe), watching hawks sail in the blue air past the sharp smile of crescent moon, we found ourselves watching the sun set from a bench overlooking the desert floor below and the white expanse of the laguna salada– dry lake– that rolls & rolls from the feet of the mountains towards mexicali– all violet light– our awareness turned from the exhilaration of the day’s experiences to the beauty of the deepening sky (every moment more violet), the moon now yellow (haloed by violet) and the stars around her coming awake.


enjoying the view of the world under the commanding watch of mama lupe– now a deep black outline against the lighter violet of sky– slowly my awareness shifted to the incredible force of love I felt for the sweet spirit beside me. we met on the first day of our yoga teacher training and felt an immediate connection. we moved in together a little over a year ago– her love an anchoring force in my home and her beautiful smile a harbor for my heart. a partner in play and adventure, we’ve enjoyed many exploits into the wild world. best of all, she is one of the few people who sees, I think, right into my whole heart, its light and its shadows, the joy that moves me and the longing that moves in me, and loves this heart without condition or doubt.


even though we’d planned this excursion with the intention of honoring our relationship fully before it transitions to a different phase, it hadn’t hit me until this moment how deeply blessed I have been. to have this presence in my life– this unconditional love and support, this accomplice in outdoor exploration and a major inspiration for rock climbing, this fellow yoga enthusiast who has been so open and giving and sweet from the instant we met– is nothing short of a godsend.


watching the dippers gather up the night, watching the meteors leak light that fades back into the dark maw of sky, she says she feels as if we have been here before– the particulars of each stone and plant and especially the great face of mama lupe above us suddenly familiar, family, home. we promise to return one day– a homecoming, a reunion– after we’ve lived out our wild dreams on our separate coasts, after we’ve learned what we need to learn before we are called back here, brought home by the song of frogs and the sweet sound of rushing water. while I don’t know what life will feel like without her sweetness gracing my every day, what I do know is this: her very presence on this planet makes this earth a world of love.


2 thoughts on “love is in the earth

  1. tiffany davidson says:

    Jen, it’s Tiff. I really love this post because I’m leaving the people I know and who know me next week and heading for the WEST coast. I’m full of excitement and looking forward to all sorts of new adventures but it’s coupled with a quiet sadness, too.
    What a lovely account you’ve given. I am using one of your photos up there as my desktop background, it’s beautiful, almost too much ❤

    x Tiff

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