circle of sweetness


last night I hosted a reiki share at my place for the first time. I had no idea who would show up and what it might look like, besides a small ceremony I’d designed to open us to the evening’s healing intentions. and I couldn’t have been more surprised at how perfectly the night unfolded.

they showed up as the sun set, so the candles I’d placed in the four directions of the room (north, south, east, west) and some faery lights were all that lit our faces. though a cool wind from the ocean outside brushed our faces, we soon generated enough heat to power a city’s worth of hot yoga studios (or so it felt).

we were six women– how ideal! two of us were reiki-attuned, four of us yoga teachers (but all of us practicing yoginis), one of us was feeling called to explore reiki more deeply, and one had just had her wisdom teeth removed earlier in the day.

we were all ready to go and to let go. fired up to heal.


after the opening meditation, and some brief words on the difference between reiki energy and healing touch, we each took our turn lying supine in the center of the circle while ten hands intuited where their warmth was needed. it was incredible how quickly we transformed from our separate street selves to a cohesive group of confident, intuitively guided healers.

some of us saw colors around everything. some of us just felt ourselves carried away as if by waves on the ocean of love. for some, it was just a lot of light. I felt a wild flowering at my heart center when I placed my hand on one’s heart. an almost overwhelming joy to be here, in such a circle of sweetness.


we laughed more than I’ve ever laughed in any healing session– more than I’ve laughed in as long as I can remember. we laughed with our heads on each others’ bellies, a round robin of giggles until our faces hurt, wet with tears.

and for one woman, the evening was the confirmation she needed. a natural-born healer, she is now on her path to becoming a conduit to the reiki frequency. we could all feel that she was ready, and that it’s time. it was the greatest joy to witness– and maybe soon, the utmost honor to assist.


3 thoughts on “circle of sweetness

  1. ourwildhearts says:

    it would have been amazing to have you there with us! I think level 1 is amazing enough on its own, but maybe one day you’ll feel called to continue with the training, and it’ll just enhance your connection to the life-force 🙂

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