flow into healing

that frustrating moment when you first recognize that tickle in your throat, that heaviness in your step, that floating feeling– yes, that frustrating moment when you realize your immune system has finally caved to the latest thing going around your circle of loved ones. that was my yesterday.

to me, the most frustrating part of battling a bug is having to step out of the familiar rhythms of my life, especially my yoga practice, so that the restorative rest my body needs can take precedence. often, though, I can tell that my body succumbing to sickness is its own super effective way of reminding me to take it easy once in a while.

but if you’re like me, the idea of not moving your body whatsoever seems even more appalling than all of the fluids exiting your facial cavities. thankfully I know that while I have to release most of the asana (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) that make up my yoga routine, I don’t have to abandon my practice itself– it just has to adjust itself to my body’s needs. and this is yoga’s greatest blessing: because the practice is so adaptable and fluid, it will be with you throughout every stage of your life.

today’s practice was a dance, a sequence of movements synced with the breath to create stimulating motion in the lungs, joints, muscles and circulatory system, and to break up whatever obstructions were preventing the current of healing intelligence from coursing throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. the simplicity of the flow, composed of only four asanas, allowed each part of my anatomy to learn each part of the sequence– the poses and the transitions between them– by heart, so that the grace of the flow itself could carry me away from the idea of sickness to a felt reality of wellness.

by bringing body, mind, and spirit into alignment through this healing flow, we realign ourselves with the flow of healing intelligence that recreates balance (wellness) in every single living being. holding this intention, our practice shifts from a focus on imbalance (curing illness or relieving symptoms) to finding ourselves moving again into harmony with the universal life force and restoring that sweet, sweet balance we call health within ourselves.


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