a river of light


after my last reiki client left my healing space today, I felt guided to offer a glimpse into my practice for those who might be curious about this beautiful restorative modality. luckily, this particular client is an amazing writer who was more than happy to contribute her own perspective on her treatment today.

to me there is no greater honor and joy than hearing from a healing participant how exactly their session affected them. as a healer, I can tell you that every single treatment I’ve ever facilitated has been completely one-of-a-kind and completely extraordinary, each with their own physical, emotional and spiritual textures. each time, reiki will present me with intuitions, visuals, sensations, or learning experiences that are absolutely unique to the person who is participating in the healing with me. this to me is the greatest delight of being a reiki master. but honestly there’s nothing more validating than hearing– in the client’s own words– how special this connection is from the other side of the blue.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first Reiki session. I know Jen from different adventures through yoga and nature, and knew that she would be perfect to lead me through a wild adventure of light. I opted to try Reiki because I have been feeling scattered through different transitional phases in my life. While anxious about everything, I have felt stifled by my fear of change, and stuck as a lost soul, not wanting to move in case of getting more lost.

I hoped that the light of Reiki could be guiding. Immediately, I was not disappointed. As Jen placed her hands of my head, light radiated through my consciousness, bringing me into a deep calm allowing me to focus my attention inward. As she worked I felt light reaching out to lost places in my consciousness, chipping away at the blackened residues of worry, stress, and fear. I felt lighter, with energy working through me.

The flow became stronger as it was challenged by different obstructions, especially at the center of my chest – my own energy recognizing the blocks hindering the current. Most beneficial was the clarity to see and focus on the places in my body where negative feelings were crowding. Reiki transformed lost, confused, and scattered energy into a powerful river of light; wearing down the rocks and boulders in its path towards my center; the ocean; infinity.


{more on reiki, from my page on wild ki: the word ‘reiki’ translated from the japanese means ‘universal life force energy’ and refers to the ancient, cross-cultural art of laying-on of hands to transmit ki— life-force, chi, prana— through the practitioner to the healing participant, in order to awaken their own innate healing intelligence from its slumber within each of their cells. healing is conducted on an energetic level, making this modality more relaxing and non-invasive than other types of bodywork. those receiving reiki can gently and effortlessly restore balance to mind, body and spirit, clear emotional blocks, release attachments that no longer serve, promote natural self-healing by relaxing and reducing stress, and attune to the universal life force to deepen their meditation or spiritual practice.

because of my intense passion and deep affinity for spending time in wild places, the reiki I am conduit to is itself a force of nature. I always take time to attune to the elemental energies around and within me and my healing participant and with respect, gratitude and awe for all remaining (inner and outer) wilderness I call on this wild ki to rejoin us to the harmony and joy that courses through its living heart.}



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